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Cocaine Trace Wipes

Cocaine Trace Wipes Image

Each cocaine swab comes in a foil pouch. Cocaine testing is regularly undertaken by the police an Local Authority licensing officers inside pub,clubs and bars around the country. They use these and other drug testing kits.

It is easy for you to conduct your own cocaine test by simply opening the pouch and you will find a folded piece of swab soaked in a reactive chemical fluid, which gives it a slight pink colouring. When wiped over a surface where cocaine residue is suspected it immediately reacts and changes colour to blue where the swab is in contact with the drug. The slightest presence will cause the drug wipe to react immediately.

Please note, the swabs must NOT be used to test for evidence on the skin.

Safety information

The use Latex Gloves is recommended when handling the swabs.

Contains Cobalt Thiocyanate, which may cause irritation to skin, and eyes

Take care not to get material into eyes, wash your hand thoroughly after use.

Dispose of used wipes with normal waste or may be flushed down the toilet.

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